soul vision consulting techniques
soul vision consulting techniques
soul vision consulting techniques

Description of Techniques and Tools

Astrological Counseling
Astrology gives us an incredibly useful map of the psyche and soul, as well as pointing out the most effective pathways for healing and transformation. The birth chart shows the soul's intentions for growth in this lifetime and also reveals the major lessons or issues that are yet unresolved in the soul. Transits and progressions illuminate the current areas of concern and stress, as well as the areas of opportunity for resolution and expansion. Astrology can be incorporated into counseling and coaching to provide an understanding of one's soul purpose, the old baggage that's getting in the way, and how to embody the energies of the chart in the most conscious way.

Body-Centered Psychotherapy
The somatic (physical) level of experience is a tremendous resource for deepening awareness, freeing emotional energy, reducing stress, and living more fully and comfortably in the body. While our thoughts can be focused on the future or the past, the body is always in the Now. So, connecting with the body is a great way to stay grounded in the present. A body-centered approach encourages clients to "listen" to their breath and body sensations, follow subtle impulses to move and express feelings, and access the healing wisdom of the body. This modality may incorporate practices such as Authentic Movement, Qi Gong exercises, relaxation techniques, and expressive dance.

Demon-Feeding Process
soul vision consulting demon feeding process You may ask, "Why would I want to feed my demons? Don't I want to get rid of them?" When you try to get rid of your inner demons (or inner obstacles), you are fattening them up on junk food... the "junk" of your anxieties, fears, and resistance. These menacing monsters aren't so scary once you know how to feed them what they really need. "Feeding Your Demons" is an easy-to-learn process based on an ancient Buddhist healing practice called "Chod." You'll be amazed at how quickly your demons dissolve once they are fully fed. The next step of this work brings you to a meeting with a powerful ally who is ready to assist you. The process is primarily a guided visualization; however it can include some degree of movement experiential. Demon-feeding can be done within a single, 60-minute session, though you may choose to have more than one session.

Expressive Arts
soul vision expressive arts Creative self-expression can be a way of communicating with the soul, a way to process difficult issues, or a means of giving voice to the beauty and power within. This approach works well for people who feel cut-off from their creativity and need support to express themselves, as well as for people who are already comfortable with the creative process. Some clients find that non-verbal modalities, such as movement and imagery, offer a more direct route into and through their emotional process. And the arts can be a lot of fun! Modalities may include: dance, drawing, collage, music, vocal expression, or drama.

Spiritual Direction
soul vision consulting spiritual direction Spiritual Direction is offered for individuals who want to deepen their relationship with Spirit, clarify their values and beliefs, and/or integrate spiritual practice with daily life. Sajit honors all faiths and paths. Her role is to listen and ask questions to help people reflect on their own spiritual experiences, interests, and needs. Astrology can provide insight into the type of path and practices most in line with one's soul intentions for spiritual growth. Sajit has experience with a wide range of spiritual and religious belief systems as well as a variety of spiritual practices. She has practiced meditation for 20+ years and has taught classes on meditation and prayer. Because she has encountered many of the typical obstacles on the path in the course of her own journey, she's skilled at assisting others in navigating through their own awakening process.

"The Work" of Byron Katie
"The Work" is a practical tool for investigating your thoughts so you can be released from the suffering that your thoughts, judgments, and false beliefs may be creating in your life. The process involves asking and answering a series of four questions, which leads to discovering a "turn around" to the original, distressing thought. While this seems like a simple process, it involves a profound energetic experience that touches on many levels of your being, not just the mental level. This work can be truly liberating, as it creates a sense of openness to life and radical acceptance of "what is".

Voice Dialogue Process
soul vision consulting voice dialogue process Voice Dialogue is a great way to become more aware of the various "inner voices" or "sub-personalities" that function within us. Some of these inner selves are more prominent, while others have been pushed away or silenced. For example, a person may have a very strong Inner Critic and Inner Task Master that drive him/her to work hard all the time, while his/her Magical Inner Child has not been let out to play in many years. Each of the inner selves has its own set of needs, feelings, thoughts, energies, and gifts to share. Through the Voice Dialogue Process, you will develop the ability to identify the inner selves and make conscious choices about how the various aspects of your personality express through you, from moment to moment. This technique involves a dialogue between the facilitator and your inner voices and, like all sessions can be digitally recorded for you. It is an active, experiential technique.

soul vision consulting techniques
soul vision consulting techniques