Sun into Aries 2014: Current Astrology

Happy Spring!! Like the forecast, the cosmic weather is also heating up! The Sun moves into fiery Aries, calling us to proceed directly with renewed vigor and assertion. The big astrological news on the personal front is a renewal of relationships. The Aries Sun travels with Juno and Uranus in Aries, while Venus resides in Aquarius. Juno is an asteroid, an energy pertaining to sexuality and intimate connection. It is getting awakened by Uranus, which wants breakthroughs and new beginnings in Aries. Venus in Aquarius also invites us to broaden our contacts, to reinvent our social lives and relationship patterns. So, the inward winter now gives way to spring fever! 

HOWEVER, the issue is clarifying what we really want. Mars is retrograde in Libra, an internal inventory to clarify personal desires around relating. Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio bringing the theme of maturity and depth to areas of bonding and sexuality. Taken together, the astrology is ideal to create newfound relationships that reflect our authentic self. Furthermore, with Jupiter now moving forward in Cancer, it’s best to lead from the the purity and clarity of heart. I believe the current astrology is asking us, “who would you be, and what could happen, if you lead from love and didn’t settle for less?”

The Uranus/Pluto square is rapidly applying for yet another exact hit next month. This has both personal and collective relevance. Political Jupiter is right in the mix from one side, while feisty Mars is retrograde and applying from the other to make a most vexing Grand Cross. Conflict is likely, which can be productive…realistically, unconsciousness around force or selfishness will have to be dealt with. The broader spiritual question being asked nowadays is whether we hunker down in separation consciousness (Aries South Node) and see the world as threatening, or only in service, to number 1; or if we can refresh our perspective to recognize the self in each other (Libra North Node)? Are we going to lead with self-interests, or do we actually become supported when we reach out to assist others? 

Mercury is in Pisces conjunct Neptune, perfect for us to cleanse the doors of perception and see the phenomenal dreamlike nature of existence. What if we really are existing in the externalization of our consciousness, creating a fantastic subjective “movie” that we direct and also star in? All sorts of intuitive and inspirational thoughts, sensations and knowings are available now – best to make room for them through stillness or contemplation. 

The current astrology is intense! Just know that we are in a pronounced growth spurt right now. All of it is designed to assist us in embodying our more awakened selves. With a focus on heartfelt authenticity, new connections, and bridging separation tendencies, we can truly learn to come together in joint purpose and make this world more conscious. The challenges on the way to that promise are also what we’ll witness and work through. Blessings to you at this time of renewal…spring forward!   

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Sun in Pisces 2014: Tides are Turning

piscesWe move into Pisces, sign of vision, contemplation, compassion and spiritual wisdom. As the weather begins to thaw after a harsh winter, so too are the energetic tides shifting. We are being called to imagine a new day, to summon the courage of the spiritual warrior. The times will remain intense, the question is one of commitment—to self, to the world, to growth. Let’s look at the astrology for the next month:

Of particular note is the slew of planets changing directions. (I will do the Awakening to Astrology web show on Retrograde Planets on 2/19 for more.) Like Venus recently, Mercury will turn direct on 2/28. Minds have been in a reflective, meditative mode – time to bring ideas into action. This is also supported by spirited Jupiter turning direct (3/6), leading us from the heart (Cancer).

However, both Mars (3/1) and Saturn (3/2) turn retrograde in early March, complicating the mix. Planets aren’t really going backwards, just the apparent motion from Earth. Retrograde points to an internalized process with the energy in question. We are being challenged to realize inner authority (Saturn) and leadership (Mars)—to affirm and solidify inner strength and dedication to living a mature path. It’s not a time to seek outward validation or support, but to see that the external world reflects back our resolve.

After 4 months in Capricorn with its retrograde, Venus finally moves into Aquarius on 3/5 bringing new allies, connections, and chapters in our relationships. Somewhat offbeat or bohemian in spirit, we are being invited to let it hang out, fly the proverbial “freak flag” and paint the world with interesting colors. For the next 18 months, Venus now assumes increased focus for resolving karmic patterns. The North Node moved to Libra on 2/18, so Venus (associated with Libra) plays the role of carrying us forward into greater harmony and interdependence.

With the South Node now in Aries, we are now collectively addressing prior karma around conflict, violence, anger and separation. Venus in Aquarius asks us to look at connections from a broader metaphysical perspective – is it possible that you have been interacting with yourself through others? We all project our feelings, expectations, and attitudes onto others (and the world), and now we may retract our personal agenda and see others anew. This is emphasized again with Mars in Libra retrograde, the process of connecting with others (Libra) knowing that they are a part of our internal (retrograde) process.

Violence and separation is healed by understanding others are a sacred reflection of the self. When the Sun goes to Aries next month and Mars is amplified, this issue will play out. The astrology of the spring is incredibly tumultuous and will be addressed in the next issue. For now, let the awakened Pisces Sun guide you onward with inspiration and love.  

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Soul Vision Returns!

Below is the Newsletter sent out in January 2014 — to sign up, see the home page:
The Soul Vision Newsletter resumes for the new year! This edition is just to say hello and give an update–other editions will be far less personal; they’ll have additional content, information and pizzazz! I’ll be discussing current astrological weather, links to blogs, information on my interactive web show and other happenings. I thought to address the transition first:

Many of you know that Sajit and I ended our relationship last summer. Though quite difficult, the decision was made in allegiance with spiritual growth and love. She writes in her blog, “Here I was, in a sweet, loving and committed relationship….something I’d longed for my whole life…yet I felt an intense desire to be alone…” She left for New Mexico, giving me the gift of a deeper connection with myself…one that was initially resisted…

For the 2nd half of 2013, I enjoyed being “homeless.” I traveled across the country, visited friends, saw sights, and had adventures. I spent time in the autumn in CT and house sat while my parents went to Australia. In November, I went to the Netherlands for a couple of weeks to speak at a conference, conduct workshops and travel. I finally returned to Asheville in December and got a new place. And now I’m opening the gift….

When I got divorced in 2001 I spent the next couple of years being inward and got to know myself at a whole other level. I wrote my first book and cultivated my power. Here I am at another turn of the spiral addressing similar themes. Lately, I have been quite introspective, resuming contemplative practice and focusing on health and fitness. A deep call of my soul is to capture the true essence of my astrological counseling and chart approach in book form. Volume 2 of The Astrology of Awakening series is emerging through me very strongly. I’m choosing to be inward for awhile to write the book and to get centered in myself. At some point there may be another relationship, but everything unfolds with divine timing — being with my heart is what’s alive now.

I’m resuming business as usual from a new home base. My practice has been very busy lately and I am available for consultations. They are incredibly meaningful for me, what an honor! I have also taken on more students and I’m planning several speaking engagements for later on this year and next. Sajit has her own website, while has been modified to be my own. I’ve got my son Drew, my dog Blaze, and I’ve turned the corner and doing well. I’m back!

You are welcome to stay on this newsletter list, though I realize that some of Sajit’s people may choose to unsubscribe, and of course, that is fine. Thank you for being a part of my life…much more to come!

Blessings for 2014,
Eric Meyers, M.A.

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Current Astrology: Sun in Gemini 2013

Gemini pillarsThe Sun enters Gemini, sign of wit, ideas, communication, reason, questioning and fascination. Shadow qualities include the tendencies to be scattered, naïve, indecisive, or lacking morality. This month, we’re invited to use our cleverness to continue shaping the new world of our imagination. The current astrology is extraordinarily volatile; a rare time of transformation through boldness and vision.

We have the 3rd exact Uranus/Pluto square when the Sun enters Gemini on 5/20. This is the defining astrological signature of these turbulent times. Spanning from 2007–2019 (using an 8-degree orb), all facets of life (culture, systems, institutions, paradigms) are learning to modernize and operate more consciously. We are learning to say goodbye (Pluto) to remnants from the past (Capricorn) which have been outmoded. There is tremendous friction between conservative and progressive, but more broadly the spiritual lesson concerns the awakening of our warrior spirit to truly change the world into what we know it can be. It’s timely not to back down to the forces who seek to limit progress, especially for their own financial gain. Who is willing to lead us forward? 

We recently had a major solar eclipse in Taurus (5/9), which featured assertive Mars conjunct communicative Mercury, a statement about bold new ideas. This focus is repeated once again with the Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on 5/25. Attachments to our belief systems (Sagittarius) are going through a death/rebirth (eclipse) in order to awaken (Sun) into new thought (Gemini). Mars, the ultimate trigger planet, enters Gemini at the end of the month providing an emphatic exclamation mark! It is clearly time to make our stand by advocating progressive thinking which is heart-centered. Mercury enters Cancer also at the end of May, inviting us to embody our ideas and communicate in loving ways.

Venus enters Cancer on 6/2, bringing a focus to how we relate with each other. It will be in the crosshairs of Uranus/Pluto in early June, raising the stakes in assessing our allies in this time of tumult. It might be appropriate to part ways with those who sabotage growth or are stuck in unconscious ways. It’s also appropriate to reach out and find those who can help us realize our heartfelt vision. Neptune goes retrograde on 6/7 signaling a deepening of our dreams, to look inside and to Spirit for guidance. On 6/8 is the Gemini New Moon, the ideal time to launch another round of ideas designed to shape our world. 

Gemini is a diverse, effervescent sign of seizing possibilities. The lesson is to tame and channel this lively energy to make a greater impact in a rapidly changing world. We still have several years to go in this time of accelerated modernization. Blessings to you as you claim your part.

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Current Astrology: Sun in Taurus 2013

BullThe Sun is now in Taurus, sign of the Bull. Time to settle down and in to our secure base of confidence and self-worth. With all of the changes unfolding around us, and within us, the serenity of just being is most supportive. We are learning to be physical vessels of broader inspiration, and the 2nd sign is all about the development and maintenance of our foundation. 

We are heading to another exact Uranus/Pluto square! So, it serves us well to be solid and non-resistant to the inevitable shifts and changes that are here. In all areas of life, we are seeing this clash between progressive and conservative — the old guard is releasing, and what are we going to put in its place? With Jupiter in Gemini for a little while longer, we have many interesting possibilities to choose from. However, we must free ourselves from our prior conditioning and beliefs to be open to its invitations, and now is the season for greater personal liberation.

We are now in eclipse season! There’s a lunar eclipse in Scorpio on 4/25, and a much more pronounced solar eclipse in Taurus on 5/9. These events are turning points, the beginning of new evolutionary chapters which will last until the next pair of eclipses in about 6 months. We are in a time of breakdown and/or breakthrough. Taurus/Scorpio has to do with the status quo and transformation, and what’s being invited is to make some pretty big wholesale changes! With Saturn conjunct the North Node in Scorpio, we are being asked to apply a newfound fierceness and warrior spirit into our vocations. We are collectively being asked to occupy positions of influence in order to be agents of change. With the Sun in Taurus, we are learning to be more confident and poised to represent the self in such a way. However, the regressive or darker facets of Taurus need to be released. We are being challenged not to take the easy way out, but to release an attachment to safety or complacency. 

The astrology continues to be edgy and dramatic. It appears that time is speeding up and the world is undergoing a growth spurt. The more we cultivate our inner calm, the more effective we can play our part. The 3rd exact Uranus/Pluto square is very soon — we are actively creating a new world.


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Current Astrology 2013: Sun in Aries

2 ramsHappy Astrological New Year! The Sun enters Aries, to join Mars, Uranus (and very soon, Venus) in the sign of the Ram. There is renewal, spring is here, and it’s time to push ahead with what we’ve been cultivating during the winter. Aries is assertive, directed, self-oriented and passionate. When overdone, it turns selfish, brash, aggressive or mean-spirited. Nevertheless, we all are served by injecting life with vigor and drive. In fact, with Uranus in Aries, our evolution requires individuals to rise up and sculpt a new reality. Those who are engaging the process of awakening (Uranus) are being called to lead the charge (Aries).

On the fabled winter solstice (12/21/12), there was a yod: Jupiter quincunx Saturn/Pluto, a combination suggesting the expansion of new ideas (Jupiter in Gemini), into our dominant power structures (Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn). At this time, Jupiter is now direct, and the yod is now perfecting — bringing urgency to open our minds and act in ways which bring about the promise of the solstice chart. We are transforming the limited mindsets which tell us that a more awakened existence on this planet is not possible. With all the planets in Aries, now is the time to create a new day!

April 10th is the Aries New Moon, the perfect moment to send out a big message to the universe: How am I (the individual) going to help create a more spiritually realized planetary consciousness? What can I specifically do to be part of the solution? A significant part of this is to address what what holds us back. Pluto turns retrograde right after the New Moon, allowing us to dive deep into the stored unconsciousness, and ferret out the blockages and issues which prevent the spiritual warrior (Aries) from forging ahead. Pluto spends almost half the year retrograde — the time to find the power within, to love the whole self, everything its been through. Our “crap” is the fertilizer which nourishes our awakened power. 

The Uranus/Pluto square is heading for it’s 3rd exact square (of seven) in May. It’s thick in its energetic message of revolution and transformation of life on this planet, in every way imaginable. Much of the process involves addressing the forces and issues which limit progress. The currently astrology is particularly sharp in urging us to be more risky and determined with our actions, to courageously “be the change we wish to see” in the world. All of the Aries triggers this month set the table for a most divisive and colorful clashing. We can hold the knowledge that despite some appearances, everything is unfolding just as it should. Lancing warts is messy, but brings about healing. There may be some necessary (and messy) conflicts ahead — time to choose the battles we need to wage for our evolution.

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Current Astrology: Sun in Pisces 2013

Tpiscesfisheshe Sun enters Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac, which involves cleansing and releasing the cycle. Pisces also includes any contemplative or visionary process, intuiting how we can partner with our soul vision for the next. Through the vastness of consciousness, Pisces connects us to other realms and dimensions, and inspires with spiritual wisdom and experiences. The shadow possibility is being lost, gullible, out of touch, and impotent — invisible and ghost-like in life. As imagination and inspiration are often marginalized in modern life, this month is an ideal time to recharge our spiritual batteries and connect more soundly with our spiritual lives.

At this time, the Uranus/Pluto square is applying for its next exact hit (in May). We continue to live in an extraordinary time of revolution and paradigm shift, which also involves exposing and addressing the forces which limit progress. As outer planets orbit beyond Saturn’s organization of the everyday world, Uranus/Pluto is catalyzed by the faster moving inner planets to bring them into action. Mars, the ultimate “trigger” planet, enters conflict-oriented Aries this month. This is nothing short of explosive! Expect there to be heated exchanges, especially within the Martial area of gun control. How can you fearlessly represent your truth?

Many of the other astrology events are calling for us to be clear and precise about what we are going to fight for. Both Mercury and Saturn turn retrograde in late February, asking for us to review and reassess logistical and vocational issues so we are connected to what’s true for us. How can you make adjustments in order to have operations run more smoothly and efficiently? How can you make your work easier to manage? The Virgo Full Moon on 2/25 illuminates work and service issues, and asks if we are integrated with a Piscean vision. It also may bring to light buried insecurities and vulnerabilities to work through. On the same day, Venus enters Pisces, which is ideal to connect with allies who share our outlook. It’s also ideal to forgive others and demonstrate compassion for those who are struggling.

The current astrology invites reflection, but also to act decisively in a rapidly changing world. It’s quite suitable to get rid of whatever is ready to go: unprocessed emotion, old clothes or belongings, even associations which no longer serve us. The more we cleanse the past, the more we can rise to the opportunities in the present. The upcoming spring is incredibly turbulent and provocative. What can you do now to ready yourself for some kind a showdown or climax? How are you prepping to be the spiritual warrior that is needed during these times? 

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Current Astrology 2013: Sun in Aquarius

aquarius“This is the dawning of The Age of Aquarius” they like to sing, but when exactly does that begin? There are many opinions about this, but most would agree that we are now in a time of transition to it. I believe the turning of ages signified by the new Mayan calendar goes along with this transition, as well as the progressive signatures of the current astrology. Now, the Sun has entered Aquarius, and there is a major emphasis this month on the transpersonal.

Aquarius, though sometimes confused to be a water sign, pertains to metaphysical structure in the air. We are like nerve-endings within a magnificent and intelligent brain! Aquarius pertains to our energetic interconnectedness, as well as flashes of intuition which originate from the cosmic mind. Right now, there is ample opportunity to connect with the unlimited possibilities and visionary potentials from our Source. However, in order to engage this, we must be open to wondrous new experiences – and this too is emphasized right now with planets transiting Pisces.

The momentum towards the transpersonal is the theme this month. Jupiter goes direct on 1/30, then every planet will be direct for a bit. When this occurs, we are not so much in a reflective process (retrograde), but are boldly moving forward. The inner planets indicate how best to direct our energies, and all of them are in transpersonal signs at this time. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in Aquarius and/or Pisces this month, punctuated by a New Moon in Aquarius on 2/10. Furthermore, Jupiter is stationing direct tightly square mystical Neptune, suggesting that we direct our philosophy (Jupiter) in accordance with Spirit.

On 2/4 Mars is conjunct Neptune in Pisces inviting us to behave like a spiritual warrior, and Mercury enters Pisces the very next day to join them. Ideally, we attune our minds to what is inspirational and act in accordance. Venus enters Aquarius in early February spurring us to gather with like-minded allies and community to support our aims. On 2/12, Mars squares Jupiter, which questions our resolve. Are we willing to overcome obstacles to create a new vision? How can we “go for it” in a non-attached, yet direct way? With Jupiter in Gemini, there is an emphasis on ideas, teaching and writing, issues related to education of the numinous.

All of this is operating within the backdrop of the Uranus-Pluto square, which is currently applying to the 3rd of 7 exact hits. We are smack dab in the middle of a most revolutionary time frame. We are being asked what role we can play in a changing world. The less conscious response is confusion, alienation, and marginalizing the transpersonal out of fear and uncertainty. It’s up to us to make friends with the unknown, to see it as a canvas of possibility, and begin to paint with inspired brush strokes. We are learning to trust that more will be revealed as we courageously move forward.

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Astrology of the Shift in Ages 12/21/12

Happy Solstice! With all the focus and speculation on the Mayan calendar ending and a shift of the ages, this month’s forecast will be on the epoch in which we have arrived. The following is derived from my essay in The Astrology of Awakening on the Solstice Chart which began on 12/21/12 (cast in Chichen Itza). It really is the chart of a new day! It tells the story of resource depletion due to our attachments, the intransigent forces which profit from evolutionary stagnation, and the need to fiercely wage a war of consciousness on these limiting patterns. Those that can rise up to claim their more awakened selves are invited to communicate a new vision, one of our spiritual interdependence. Ultimately the restructuring of civilization is the promise, though the work is substantial. It demands a powerful surrender of our self-preoccupation and the willingness to enter the unknown. Below are some of the astro-highlights:

The Moon conveys great unease and restlessness, the desire to revolutionize (conjunct Uranus) our emotional need for power (Aries), and our attachment to individuality and separa­tion consciousness. The Moon is also square Pluto in Capricorn, portraying the underlying anger at Patriarchal control. Residing in the 4th House, the Moon is unresolved (quite bothered!) about how the homeland (4th House) is being taken care of. Aries involves new beginnings, and the Moon wants that badly. The Moon is also trine Mercury in Sagittarius on the Ascendant, signaling the need to communicate a new (1st House) philosophy of greater unity (Sagittarius) that can bring us together (Mercury conjunct Venus) in a shared spiritual vision (Venus located in Sagittarius in the 12th).

The Sun is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn in the 1st House, a statement about awakening into a new (1st House) day (Sun) in our dominant organization of society (Capricorn). We must completely transform (Pluto) our institutions, traditions, and attachment to the past. The 1st House emphasizes this impera­tive. If we don’t manifest it, we unconsciously (Pluto) create our destruction. Those entrenched in plutocratic control may lead us (1st House) to our demise (Pluto).

The South Node in Taurus indicates the resistance to change, particularly in how we make use (6th House) of our planetary resources (Taurus). It points to our tendency to pick apart, dissect, and exploit the earth element for financial reasons. Venus in Sagittarius is the dispositor of the South Node, suggesting that the philosophy (Sagittarius) that has bound us together (Venus) has been misguided (12th), stemming from a materialistic (Venus), righteous (Sagittarius) ideal we’ve given our power away to (12th).

The residence of the North Node in the 12th House suggests a transformed (Scorpio) connection with divinity, one of greater depth, bonding, and transpersonal consciousness. We are learning to surrender to Spirit, instead of working tirelessly (6th House) for self-gain (Taurus). The North Node wants accountability (Scorpio) and process, to work through our dark ways in order to release them (12th House). The flavor of the North Node is visionary, some might call it “shamanic”—it’s certainly a powerful and dramatic embrace of mysticism and endless probing of the unknown.

Pluto is sextile (and in mutual reception with) Saturn in Scorpio in the 11th House, further connecting the intention for catalytic transformation with how we organize (Saturn) our col­lective milieu (11th), as well as for greater solidification of our interconnectedness. A new way of structuring (Saturn) power (Scorpio) that is in accordance with progressive humanistic ideals (11th) is suggested. If we don’t mature around power, we renew intransigence (Saturn) and control (Scorpio), which limit the realization of our hopes for humanity (11th).

The sextile between Saturn/Pluto forms a yod (with Jupiter) of remarkable tightness. All planets are at 8 degrees, and the greatest separation of any 2 planets in this configuration is only 15 minutes. Jupiter in Gemini signals a philosophy of openness, new ideas and greater communication. Jupiter is ret­rograde, suggesting the rethinking of our philosophical assumptions—the various ideas (Gemini) that have been applied in our daily routines (6th House). Now we can transform (Pluto quincunx Jupiter) educational systems (Capricorn-Gemini), and bring expansiveness (Jupiter) into more a more progressive and interconnected (11th House) social organization (Saturn).

Mars in Capricorn in the 2nd House is trine the Taurus South Node. This shows the harmony (trine) between the powerful machinery (Mars in Capricorn) that digs into the earth for financial gain (2nd House), with the spiritual lessons of the South Node situation. Instead of valuing corporate gain, Mars can be connected (sextile) with the Scorpio North Node intention of transformed spiritual interconnectedness. Then, we become spiritual warriors asserting (Mars) transpersonal consciousness (sextile Scorpio North Node in the 12th) on the earth plane (Capricorn 2nd House).

This chart is a radical wake-up call for us to learn how to coexist for our collective survival and evolution. The dominant configuration of the current times is the Uranus/Pluto square and both the Sun and Moon form conjunctions with its parts! We are invited to completely renovate our guiding paradigms. We are resolving our attachment to domination and separation, flowering into a more awakened organization of society.

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Foundational Questions

“Everything in the universe has a purpose. Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you.”  –Wayne Dyer

spiralpathThe sign of Capricorn is an Earth sign that is concerned with having a strong foundation. Capricorn wants to find security by building something purposeful and enduring. With its serious, responsible, and practical nature, you may not think of Capricorn as the “sexiest” sign of the zodiac, but it does make an important contribution to our relationships. Capricorn directs us to examine our foundations. In other words, what is your relationship built on? What is its purpose?

In the traditional relationship paradigm of marriage, one purpose was to make the couple feel secure, by promising to stay together “til death do us part”. Women often looked to marriage to provide financial security, and another commonly shared purpose of relationships was to raise children, together. In our times, the old paradigm of relationships is falling apart. The divorce rate hangs around 50%. Women have their own earning power as well as greater personal power, and many people are opting out of traditional roles and goals for relationships.

Now, there’s more freedom to choose: What is your intimate relationship for? It may be that you want to have kids and create a safe nest in which to raise them. nestMaybe you want companionship. Maybe you want to heal your emotional wounds. Maybe you want to develop a business together. Maybe you want a sacred container in which to experience giving and receiving love.  Having a shared sense of purpose is one way of creating a solid foundation upon which you can build something that you both value.

Joining in a shared spiritual purpose creates the foundation for a “spiritual partnership”.  Some people think of it as needing to share their spiritual practices with their beloved, but it doesn’t always look that way. coexistOne partner might be Buddhist while the other is Catholic, yet they can still have a spiritual partnership, if they honor each other’s paths.  A spiritual partnership is founded on mutual respect and support for each other’s spiritual growth.

One of the gifts of these paradigm-shifting times is that we don’t have to be limited to traditional prescriptions for relationships. We can use our intimate relationships for whatever loving purposes we choose. Practical goals, family needs, the desire for companionship, and spiritual awakening are just some examples of relationship foundations. Capricorn asks you to take a look and decide for yourself:  What foundation(s) do you want to build your relationship on?

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