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Elements and Evolution


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"Another gift to us all from one of astrology's rising stars!" -Steven Forrest

"This book is incredible! Eric's writing is both concise and lucid. I often smiled or chuckled at the profound truth in his words." -Julene Packer-Louis

"The quality and readability of this material is very high. Meyers has tilled the familiar ground of the elements and turned up an amazingly insightful way of looking at things. Elements and Evolution is a breakthrough book. I highly recommend it to all." -Donna Van Toen, NCGR

"Fantastic!" -Michael Lutin

"I always knew Eric to be a truly gifted writer, but in this book he went a few notches up with content! In other words - get it!" -Maurice Fernandez

"Eric manages to re-birth the fundamental symbolism in a progressive fashion which challenges the best minds in his field to keep up." -Gary Caton

"My favorite astrology book of all time!" -Andrea Houtz

"Eric creates a new cosmology that is destined to change the landscape of astrology." -Jim Rodgers

"Eric, I love your book." -Tem Tarriktar

"It is a marvel that in Elements & Evolution, Meyers is able to not only balance astrology with transpersonal psychology, contemporary science, and the world's religions, but to do it in a way that is lucid, intimate, and profoundly wise." -Bill Streett

"Eric looks at the elements through the lenses of metaphysics, physics, and spirituality. The book is truly innovative in its content and approach, and will be thought-provoking material for astrologers at any level of skill or experience." -Dena DeCastro

Elements and Evolution
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Elements and Evolution

Elements & Evolution is being considered by many as a major contribution to our astrological understanding. Astrology is now shifting to complement its familiar dualistic (good/bad, masculine/feminine) perspective , with a deeper spiritual, or transpersonal, approach. We are learning to identify not solely in our separateness (or ego), but to incorporate the soul. More and more people are embracing the idea that we are enrolled in a program of spiritual learning, that there is meaning to why we are here. Astrology can be more than a descriptive exercise to understand personality. It can be a powerful tool to assist us in awakening from our unconscious habits and patterns. This book outlines an overarching philosophy to understand our spiritual growth. The 4 elements serve as the not only the structure and catalyst for our evolution, they also compose our entire body/mind system. In a sense, we are nature (earth, water, air, fire) connecting and growing within the nature which surrounds us. The 4 elements have many roles in the process of spiritual evolution. .

Elements & Evolution is accessible for a general audience. No background in astrology is required, but would be helpful. Not a book on the basics, it aims to build upon our familiar understanding of astrology in progressive ways. There are several potential contributions to the field:

A New Classification of the Elements: Water & Fire (Charged), Earth & Air (Neutral). This division complements the conventional pairing of Fire & Air (Yang), and Water & Earth (Yin). The result is a far more complete and useful understanding of all 4 of the elements uniqueness and function.

Elemental Levels of Reality: Physical (Earth), Emotional (Water), Mental (Air), and Soul (Fire). Conventionally, the elements (and astrology itself) are understood at the symbolic (or mental) level. However, we are directly engaged with life at many levels. The book extends the reach of astrology to illustrate how the elements are functional at all 4 levels.

In-depth discussion of the evolutionary purpose of every aspect. Instead of looking at things as "good" or "bad," this approach reveals the spiritual programs throughout the system.

We are involved in evolutionary growth in 2 primary ways: Cyclical Evolution addresses the motion around the zodiac and how every part of the system interrelates to reveal a striking template for our soul development. Progressive Evolution addresses how consciousness evolves through the Elemental Levels toward greater awakening, or enlightenment.

A comprehensive spiritual philosophy of astrology. This book connects principles found in both science and wisdom traditions. The result is a new, integrative, understanding of astrology for a modern audience.

Please read the Introduction and the Table of Contents for more information.

Elements and Evolution

Elements and Evolution

"Many books seek out new branches on the tree of astrology. Eric Meyers works the roots. His latest book Elements & Evolution marks a major step forward in examining the core symbolism of astrology. Eric proposes a simple but powerful reframing of our understanding of the elements, attaches it to evolu tionary astrology, and opens a door of awareness that will enrich anyone's understanding of the subject. The superb writing, originality and utility of the ideas, and Eric's mastery of astrology's language are invaluable gifts for the spirit and the mind." —Jeff Jawer

"Eric Meyers has given us a new astrology of the spirit: a lucid, coherent system that allows us, paradoxically, to understand the elusive and the numinous." —Jessica Murray

"Eric's fresh perspective on the function of the elements in astrology offers penetrating insight. By expanding the reach of fundamental concepts into the process of human evolution, he illustrates an in-depth cosmology underlying the stages of personal and spiritual growth. Those new to astrology will find this book to be a superb foundation, while experienced students will discover refreshing new applications of the elements. He also includes a gem of a chapter on world religions. All this from the elements? Yes, indeed!"
—Gloria Star

"I truly think that Eric holds some of the keys to bridging the divide between mind and soul that has caused humanity so much confusion in our mentally dualistic and psychically fragmented world. His ability to use his tremendous intellect to make sense of things that by nature are designed not to make sense is a great offering to a world in transition. It's up to us to receive it." -Sven Eberlein

"This very innovative book, invites us to expand our comprehension about the Elements, on a head, heart and soul level. What I mostly appreciated is how Eric's writing invites us to color outside the lines, opening each of us to the possibility of true self-discovery and creativity. This stimulating exciting book is likely to appeal in particular to astrologers who are familiar with the basics." --Margaret Gray, ISAR

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